SlimSweet Nature's Miracle Sweetener

SlimSweet Nature's Miracle Sweetener

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SlimSweet Nature's Miracle Sweetener

SlimSweet -- Nature's New Miracle Sweetener, by Martha M. Christy. The Only Truly Healthy Sweetener Ever Made Available!

SlimSweet -- You'll Never Eat Sugar Again! SlimSweet is a revolutionary new all-natural fruit sweetener that, unlike almost all other sweeteners (including the healthy ones), does NOT significantly raise blood glucose and insulin levels or promote fat storage in the body. Because SlimSweet does not elevate insulin levels, it also does not lead to the appetite cravings that cause additional weight gain or serious health problems linked to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Derived from unique health-promoting fruit sources, SlimSweet is a truly extraordinary all-natural sweetener that provides all of the benefits of fruit sweeteners, but without the calories. SlimSweet contains zero calories per 1 gram serving and also provides thermogenic (fat-burning) properties as well. Discover for yourself the fascinating story and research behind one of the biggest dietary breakthroughs of the century!

  • About the Author: Martha M. Christy is a medical research writer, international author and alternative health therapies consultant who has been intensively involved in the alternative health movement for more than 25 years. Her books include the international bestseller, Your Own Perfect Medicine, plus Simple Diagnostic Tests, MSM: The Super Supplement of the Decade, Colloidal Silver: The Amazing Natural Alternative, and The Pacific Yew Story: How an Ancient Tree Became a Modern Miracle.
  • 32 pages, softbound.
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