About Us

True Harvest was founded in 2001 by Richard Webb with the goal of supporting healthy living all over the nation. Over the next 9 years, the business grew at a rapid pace – with over 100,000 customers from every part of the nation. Unfortunately, with that kind of growth comes significant responsibility, Richard became unable to provide for the business and it’s customers as well as he had been able to. Then Chikako Candra steps up to the opportunity to be involved in a field she truly values for her family and friends around the world.

Being health nut herself, True Harvest was a perfect opportunity for Chikako to really plug in her passion for healthy eating and healthy living.

Since the purchased the business, she has reached out to multiple health and fitness sites to help spread the word about True Harvest. Our mission is to spread healthy living to millions of people internationally – and we plan on achieving this mission by providing the highest quality health products at the best prices.

Chikako Candra (CEO) Bio

Chikako is a young entrepreneur from Burlington, Vermont. Frequently called a “health freak” by her friends, when she saw the opportunity to be a part of True Harvest she jumped at the chance. She lives in Vermont, where you can easily find natural and organic food, with her family - her husband, her son, and her dog.

Some facts about Chikako

  • Originally from Japan, where she grew up eating naturally healthy food with good taste.
  • Masters Degree in Animal Nutrition where she learned the importance and the effect of foods we put into the body.
  • Worked for an international animal health company for more than seven years and obtained passion for providing excellent products with great service in food and feed industry.
  • Loves cooking with healthy ingredients. Off course, her specialty is Japanese food – home made is always the best.
  • Believes that eating healthy foods everyday build healthy mind for a lifetime