Natural Paper Towels

Natural Paper Towels

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Natural Paper Towels

100% Recycled Fibers. Near Premium.

90 sheets per roll. Each sheet is 11” x 8.8”.

Certified Minimum 95% Post Consumer Material.

Preference - (Near Premium) These products offer good quality performance. A small step down from Premium.

Envision Brand paper products (manufactured by Fort James Corp.) are made of 100% Total Recycled Fibers (Virgin-Fiber Free) and are made with at least 65% Postconsumer Fiber. Postconsumer wastepaper includes materials used at home or at work - like newspapers, magazines, packaging materials, computer printouts and other office wastepaper - that have been discarded after fulfilling their intended purpose. By recovering these materials and reusing them to make new products, they are diverted from our nation’s landfills where they occupy as much as 40% of total landfill space. Even the paper used to wrap Envision Paper Products is 100% Recycled!

Envision was America's first complete line of 100% recycled tissue, towel and napkin products to comply with the EPA guidelines. Envision offers a broad line of tissue and towel products that are totally unbleached by Fort James. Recognizable by their natural brown or beige paper color, these products perform like their white counterparts.

  • Fort James offers Envision in three performance categories. They include Premium "best", Near Premium "better", and Economy "good" products. This allows the Envision brand to meet your full range of needs.
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